1/7 Our Process

Our knitting department is equipped with the latest STOLL machines and our gages are 14-12-7-5-3, lead by our professional team that can provide you with high level collections and productions.

Washing & Drying

2/7 Our Process

Knitted garments, in hundreds of different qualities of yarns, are treated in-house with the best care so that the final product has a soft touch and a rich appearance.


3/7 Our Process

After the knitting- and washing process, it is of high importance that the panels are pre-ironed by a rolex machine, to reach the correct measurements before confectioning.


4/7 Our Process

All types of garments can be confectioned in our company with linking as one of the most important operations. Our company owns all ranges of machines.

Quality Control

5/7 Our Process

Professionals are taking each confectioned piece under the loop, to guarantee a high level product.

Final ironing

6/7 Our Process

Each ready garment is ironed by following the correct measurement table.


7/7 Our Process

Each knitted garment is provided with the necessary labels and packed according to the requirements of the client.